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A rejection sim game

Class of ’09 is a visual novel created by indie developer Classof09. It is a simulation game that lets you relive the life of a high school student before the age of social media. However, unlike the other games of the same premise, this will not revolve you pursuing a romantic relationship with the characters. It is the other way around. You will play to verbally destroy any guy who comes in your path. Class of ’09 is still in the demo stage and is roughly 10% of the full game. 

Its a rejection sim game

The first thing that players need to know is that the Class of ’09 is not your typical otome game where you will play to make a guy from your high school fall for you. Rather than building a relationship, this game will have you make all sadistic choices you always wanted. As noted, you will need to destroy all the guys who will attempt to be friendly with you.  Instead of a dating sim, this game will assume the gameplay of a rejection sim

Aside from a unique storyline that totally veers off the usual plots of visual novels, Class of ’09 also comes fully voiced. It comes with real-time dialogue playback, allowing you to sit back as you let the cast read through the drama as it unfolds. The characters also change their clothes in real-time, with enough outfits to cover 25 characters. 

Class of ’09 is set in the year 2007 to 2009. In this game, you will see painful depictions of all the personalities normally encountered in any American high school. It is absurdly funny to see how students interact during the age of pre-social media. However, over time, you will notice that the game leans heavily towards stereotypes and cliches that will get old really fast. The main character’s over-the-top edgelord personality will end up annoying rather than funny. If the full game will not introduce a healthy dose of self-awareness, then this game will lose its potential. 

Uniquely fun game

Class of ’09 breaks down usual tropes that most visual novels offer. More than the funny dialogues, it accurately depicts the life of American high school students before social media. It also offers a new way of playing by providing real-time dialogue playback. The use of stereotypes and cliche is a little over-the-top, but if the main game offers character development, then this game will retain its uniquely fun gameplay.


  • Unique storyline
  • Realtime dialogue playback
  • Funny dialogues
  • Character change clothes in real-time


  • Over-the-top use of cliches and stereotypes
  • The main character gets annoying over time


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Class of '09 Demo


Class of '09 Demo demo for Mac


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